"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."Harry S. Truman 


  • Engineering: Jorg Clynckemaillie
  • Quality Engineering: Jorg Clynckemaillie, Marnix Kint
  • Engineering Management: Jorg Clynckemaillie
  • Product Management: Marnix Kint
  • Product Marketing: Marnix Kint
  • Insight XE Administration: Marnix Kint
  • Globalization: Marnix Kint, Jorg Clynckemaillie
  • Prerelease Programs: Jorg Clynckemaillie
  • Core Tech Management: Jorg Clynckemaillie
  • Architecture:Jorg Clynckemaillie, Marnix Kint
  • Graphics Manager: Jorg Clynckemaillie, Marnix Kint
  • Color Management: Jorg Clynckemaillie, Marnix Kint
  • Visual Design: Jorg Clynckemaillie
  • Legal: TBD
  • Learning Resources: Marnix Kint
  • Information Technology: Jorg Clynckemaillie
  • Packaging and Manufacturing: TBD
  • Web Team: Marnix Kint